All About Light! by Caroline Tran

All About Light!

Learn how to create beautifully lit photos, any time, anywhere.

What's included?

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Part 1: Intro
1_1 Intro - The Anatomy of a Magical Photo
8 mins
1_2 Course Objectives
2 mins
Part 2: The 5 Characteristics of Light
2_1 Intro - The 5 Characteristics of Light
2 mins
2_2 Direction of Light
7 mins
2_3 Intensity of Light
4 mins
2_4 Color of Light
4 mins
2_5 Relative Size Of The Light Source
4 mins
2_6 Contrast of Light
3 mins
Part 3: Differences in lighting set up
3_1 Intro - Different Ways to Light
2 mins
3_2 Front Light
4 mins
3_3 Exposing for front light vs back light
3 mins
3_4 Back Light
8 mins
3_5 Side Light
4 mins
Part 4: How to Shoot During High Noon
4_0 Sample: Works For Noon.mp4
1 min
4_1 Intro - High Noon
3 mins
4_2 Creating soft portraits during high noon
5 mins
4_3 Splotchy Lighting
5 mins
4_4 Evenly lighting faces
4 mins
Part 5: Bonus
5_1 Bonus - How to properly expose
5 mins
5_2 Artificial Lighting
1.27 MB
Part 6: Quiz
Quiz: Troubleshooting light


What level is this geared towards?

If you can walk into any situation and understand the light to know how to position your subject/yourself for the best possible image, then this may not be for you. Think full sun, no sun, mixed light, contrasty light, harsh shadows, and then metering for said lights, finding good light, dealing with color casts, etc. 

This is great for any photographer wanting to confidently work with many types of light. Also great for wedding photographers that will need to trouble shoot on the fly in a variety of lighting situations. 

Is this for film or digital shooters?

Both! This is about all the different kinds of light, recognizing it, and it's troubles. You'll learn how to troubleshoot and adjust accordingly for the best possible images. Light behaves the same regardless the type of camera or medium. It is about positioning yourself or your subject appropriately to get the outcome you would like in all types of light, and truly understand the differences in the light and colors of light.


Just spent part of my morning going through Caroline Tran's All About Light Course....and need to check it out! Especially if you are still learning about the types of light and how to troubleshoot through them.

Sometimes as photographers we find ourselves in variety of lighting situations. Not only does she explain all the types of light (including color), but how to shoot in it. It's full of videos and visual examples as she walks us through.
Marta Locklear